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Stop by the studio

We have worked with clients in Foxboro for 8 years in counting!

We are located in downtown Foxboro, at 17 Cocasset st.

We are a private studio and offer a fully customized and unique experience.

We provide the highest quality personal training, strength & Conditioning, and nutrition coaching.

Our approach

At CW Total Performance we utilize evidence based approaches to our personal training, group training, and nutrition coaching. Our number one goal is that our clients leave feeling good. Every program we create begins with the risk vs. reward of each exercise. We want to maximize efficiency with every workout we create. 


Our main values are consistency, clarity, and care. Consistency equals results. For long-lasting results you need to continue to work and we will be there through every step with you. Clarity is essential in today's world with the prevalence of misinformation about health and wellness on social media. Each of our coaches are highly educated and understands the science of strength, conditioning, and nutrition. Our team has the ability to break down complex topics into simple actionable steps. Finally, care is what really sets us apart. With our small format private facility, we create personal relationships throughout the community and know exactly what you need to always leave feeling better than when you walked in.


Our Team

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